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Suvidha Portal by Election Commission of India


Since the announcement of General Elections 2024, over 73,000 applications have been received on the Suvidha Portal, with more than 44,600 requests approved.


GS II: Polity and Governance

Suvidha Portal by Election Commission of India (ECI)

Purpose and Objective

  • The Suvidha portal serves as a technological tool developed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) to uphold democratic values by ensuring free, fair, and transparent elections.


  • The portal streamlines the process for political parties and candidates to request permissions and facilities during elections.
  • Requests are transparently prioritized based on the “First in First Out” principle.

Services Offered

  • The Suvidha Portal facilitates permissions for various activities including:
    • Organizing rallies
    • Setting up temporary party offices
    • Door-to-door canvassing
    • Utilizing video vans and helicopters
    • Obtaining vehicle permits
    • Distributing pamphlets

Ease of Use

  • Political parties and candidates can conveniently submit permission requests online via the Suvidha Portal.
  • For broader accessibility, offline options are also available.

IT Infrastructure

  • The Suvidha Portal is supported by a robust IT platform managed by designated nodal officers, ensuring efficient and prompt processing of requests.

Companion App Features

  • A dedicated Suvidha companion app enables applicants to monitor the real-time status of their requests, further enhancing transparency and user convenience.

May 2024