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The U.S. recognises India’s “constructive contribution” to Afghanistan, said U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation.


  • The U.S. side recognised India’s constructive contribution in economic development, reconstruction and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.
  • They laid importance to India’s crucial and continuing role in sustainable peace, security and stability in Afghanistan.
  • Expressing deep concern about the increase in violence in Afghanistan, Indian Foreign Minister made a particular mention of the need to protect “Afghan Hindus and Sikhs,” and said India supported the call for a ceasefire to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.
  • EAM and NSA reiterated India’s continued support for strengthening peace, security, unity, democratic and inclusive polity and protection of rights of all sections of the Afghan society, including Afghan Hindus and Sikhs.
  • In a reminder of India’s concerns over Pakistan’s role, the MEA emphasised that putting an end to terrorist safe havens and sanctuaries is necessary for enduring and sustainable peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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