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United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress


PM has inaugurated the second United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC) in Hyderabad.


GS II: International Relations

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. What is UNWGIC?
  2. Objectives of UNWGIC
  3. Advantages of geospatial technology

What is UNWGIC?

  • In 2018, Deqing, Zhejiang Province, China hosted the inaugural World Geospatial Information Congress of the United Nations.
  • The UNWGIC is organised every four years by the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM).
  • It is hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India.
  • The goals are to improve global cooperation between Member States and pertinent stakeholders in the management and capabilities of geospatial information.
  • The theme of UNWGIC 2022 is ‘Geo-Enabling the Global Village: No one should be left behind’.

Objectives of UNWGIC

  • The initiative intends to offer reliable and high-quality geospatial data to serve national and international policy goals.
  • Additionally, it emphasises global coordination and cooperation in the creation of geospatially connected human data.
  • It supports social growth and wellbeing, tackles environmental and climate change issues, and embraces technological advances.

Advantages of geospatial technology:

  • Geospatial technology can be used to create intelligent maps and models which help to collect geographically referenced data.
  • Decisions based on the value and importance of resources, most of which are limited, can become easy through geospatial technology.
  • Intelligent maps and models can be created using geospatial technology.
  • It can be used to reveal spatial patterns hidden in large amounts of data that are complex to access collectively through mapping.

-Source: The Hindu


December 2023