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UPSC coaching vs self-study

Is taking UPSC coaching a better option than self-study?

Every UPSC aspirant has come across this question at least once in his preparation days. Whether to take coaching or not? Before beginning to start the UPSC CSE preparation, students must give a good thought on this subject. As it will give the due course of how to go about preparing for UPSC?

UPSC as we know it is the toughest examination of our country. It is rigorous and comes with a vast syllabus. It has the most number of applicants in a year. But its success rates are the lowest. A mere handful of people gets to clear the examination.  The Best IAS Academy in Bangalore gives you an insight into the exam pattern and selection criteria of UPSC Civil Services.

Why coaching Institutes?

Now let’s get to understand that why civil services preparation has increasing dependence over coaching classes. Since the success rate of Civil Services is low, the guidance is also minimal. No aspirant wants to go through the cycle again and again. They want to make the best out of the first attempt. Hence, they seek the right guidance and approach. Coaching institutes in a way give that. They also provide easy-to-understand study material and compact notes. You can a look at some of them by Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. Students also get individual attention and healthy competition.

But it’s a bygone concept now. Aspirants don’t have to come all the way to big cities and take expensive coaching classes. Now there are many online courses readily available that do that for aspirants. The Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore is on YouTube that provides aspirants with all the strategies free of cost. They can also get online mentors and study material. Various online UPSC forums provide free-of-cost UPSC PDFs and books that institutes charge so much for.

Why self-study?

But irrespective of the fact that you take coaching or not, you need to do self-study. You need to go through all the books and material at least once all by yourself. To understand the booklist for UPSC CSE, you can follow the forum of UPSC Coaching Classes in Bangalore. Then only you will be able to build a strategy for yourself. Then and only then you will find substance in your preparation.

But the question remains, up to what extent self-study is beneficial? Is self-study a good option for an examination like UPSC that is prolonged and requires consistency? How do to self-study on your own?

The answer lies in the fact that if you know the right approach and study plan. If you know about the most appropriate sources that should be picked. Then self-study becomes easy. Follow the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore for the UPSC sources. But it also has its loopholes. Self Study requires consistent efforts and dedication. You can’t afford to leave it in between. It sometimes becomes isolating and monotonous. So, what should aspirants pick then?  Let us compare both of them for a better idea.

Coaching Institute Vs. Self Study

  • Coaching institutes keep you on your toes. They give you the kind of push you want. Self-study on the other hand can keep you behind in the race. You can miss out on updates.
  • Coaching institutes definitely give you an edge over other competitors because you are getting the best of guidance from the experts. While you can also get access to the mentors of Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka but a cricket match is more exciting when you watch it in the stadium.
  • Coaching classes prepare a timetable and prioritize the subjects. Aspirants only have to study. While without coaching aspirants have to give additional effort into working out a study plan first.
  • Coaching classes will hold on regular seminars and test series like that in Bets UPSC Coaching in Bangalore for continuous motivation and push. While Self study can sometimes lag.
  • The coaching classes consume a lot of your time and energy. Your schedule can be hectic and tight. While self-study gives you ample time and sufficient space to study according to your ease.
  • Coaching classes can be your more conceptual clarity. Many Civil Services Coaching Centres in Bangalore organize special doubt clearance sessions for the aspirants. It is a great way of improving.
  • Coaching classes can put a financial burden as they are really expensive. Few aspirants can even find it unaffordable. While self-study can give you a calm and comfortable environment at home.
  • Coaching classes sometimes keep the aspirants hanging while if self-study you can take the control of your preparation in your hands.


Both Coaching classes and Self Study has their own pros and cons. Even if you take coaching classes, you will need to study things by yourself. By looking at both sides of the coin, students can choose for themselves.

However, the IAS coaching center in Bangalore student-friendly, and they do give value to your money. But in case if you can’t afford it, you can also prepare for yourself.

Anyway, UPSC requires hard work. If you do it you are sure to sail through.


June 2024