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What is eSoil?


Researchers have developed a new electronic soil that was found to increase the growth of barley seedlings by 50 per cent in a new study.


GS III: Science and Technology

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. eSoil: Advancing Hydroponics with Bioelectronic Growth Substrate

eSoil: Advancing Hydroponics with Bioelectronic Growth Substrate

  • In hydroponic setups, eSoil serves as a low-power bioelectronic growth substrate.
  • Derived from cellulose and the conductive polymer PEDOT, it offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods.
  • Acts as a growth stimulator for plant roots and the overall growth environment.
Key Features:
  • Environmentally friendly: Derived from cellulose and a conductive polymer.
  • Low energy: Operates on low power, providing a safe alternative to high-voltage methods.
  • Sustainable: Biodegradable materials reduce environmental impact.
Working Mechanism:
  • Utilizes low-energy electrical stimulation to enhance root system and plant growth.
  • Barley seedlings subjected to electrical stimulation with eSoil demonstrated a 50% increase in growth over 15 days.
  • Promotes effective and sustainable development in hydroponic farming.
  • Enables diverse crop cultivation in a controlled and resource-efficient environment.
  • Offers a low-energy, safe alternative for enhancing plant growth.
  • Particularly useful in areas with limited arable land and challenging environmental conditions.
  • Supports closed hydroponic systems with water recirculation, minimizing resource consumption.

-Source: Indian Express

February 2024