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About Vaigai Dam


A second flood warning for five southern districts has been issued after the water level in Vaigai Dam touched 68.50 ft. (the maximum permissible level is 71 ft.) recently.


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  1. Vaigai Dam
  2. Vaigai River

Vaigai Dam:

  • Location: Constructed near Andipatti, Theni district, Tamil Nadu, across the Vaigai River.
  • Year of Construction: Built in 1959.
  • Significance: Often termed the lifeline of the region, providing water for irrigation and drinking water for Madurai and Andipatti.
  • Dimensions: Stands at a height of 111 feet, with a storage capacity of 71 feet of water.
  • Purpose: Primarily built for irrigation in Madurai and Dindigul districts, as well as drinking water supply.

Vaigai River:

  • Origin: Rises in the Varushanad Hills of the Western Ghats.
  • Course: Flows through the Pandya Nadu region of Tamil Nadu, with a length of 258 kilometers.
  • Tributaries: Main tributaries include Suruliyaru, Mullaiyaru, Varaganadhi, Manjalaru, Kottagudi, Kridhumaal, and Upparu.
  • Periyar Dam Connection: Receives a significant water supply from the Periyar Dam in Kerala through a tunnel in the Western Ghats.
  • Endpoint: Empties into the Palk Strait near the Pamban Bridge in Ramanathapuram district.
  • Role: Meets the drinking water needs of five Tamil Nadu districts and supports irrigation for 200,000 hectares of agricultural land.

-Source: The Hindu

December 2023